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Ghost is a written or spoken word game in which players take turns adding letters to a growing word fragment, trying not to be the one to complete a valid word.

In Ghost Game you must make sure that the next player can form a word by adding another letter. That is, there’s at least one valid, longer word that can be formed after your turn is done. If you fail to do so you lose a point and the next round starts.

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The objective of Ghost Game is simple - always keep the word growing

  • When it's your turn to play, just add a letter.
    • Make sure that a valid word can be made if more letters are added.
  • If you suspect that the previous player has ended a word, or that no valid word can be made by adding more letters, challenge them!
    • If the previous player cannot respond with a longer valid word, they lose.

Sample gameplay among 3 players

  • Player 1: J
  • Player 2: J-A
  • Player 3: J-A-Z
  • Player 1: J-A-Z-Z
  • Player 2: Challenges Player 1
  • Player 1: Completes a longer valid English word, J-A-Z-Z-E-D, thus making Player 2 lose a point

What to do if you're stuck

  • Look for other ways to extend a word, such as plurals and past tenses.
  • Bluff by adding a random letter, and pray that the next person does not challenge you.

Admin powers

The Admin (the game room creator) 

  • can kick any player from the game by clicking on the boot icon on the leaderboard.
  • maintains the control to start, or restart, a new game.


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this game literally copy "ROOM ID" and i can't play multiplayer like that.

(or you can play alone, lose and then you get it)



nice idea. Unfortunately i could not find anyone to play with me maybe i can play it with my brothers later though i like how simple the idea.

Hey, thanks for trying it out! We are planning to have an online lobby setup soon, and a bunch of other improvements, so exciting stuff coming up!